5 tips for creating a dream walk-in closet


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

Planning a closet is almost as important as planning a kitchen


Opening your closet and seeing all your clothes and accessories organized is everyone’s dream. It helps stimulate the eyes and the imagination. But this is not always the case. Clearly, having that closet or that closet is largely a matter of space. Its development is something that should not be ignored and needs to be designed to work. In essence, it should appear as an extension of your bedroom.

Obviously, the larger the room, the more chance you have to play with the arrangement and organization of this element.

Once you’ve found the best place within the room, whether it’s in the entryway, in a corner, or even in an area limited for this purpose, it’s time to make a plan. Remember that a closet should not only meet storage and organization needs, but can also include a sitting area in the center, a small cabinet for jewelry, watches, accessories, and even a space for putting on makeup. At this stage it is also important to select a set of closet images that you can identify with to make the process easier.

Planning a closet is almost as important as planning a kitchen. This will be your most intimate space, and perhaps a refuge from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.


Closets are becoming more and more prominent elements in a room’s environment. Nowadays there is an endless amount of finishes, and when selecting them, it is important to remember that each space is always unique. You see, if you have a relatively small bedroom, it can be an advantage to have the closet doors covered in mirror, thus giving it more depth. Even within this finish we have several options. Personally, I recommend the gray tone, which gives a more sophisticated and comfortable environment. Wood will always be a safe finish, as well as lacquered. A big trend has been the use of glass.

Open closets have the particularity of finding what you need more easily, but if you have trouble keeping everything in place, it can become a real chaos. In this situation, it’s best to go for a closed one.

A detail that can make all the difference is to put inside some shelves or drawers a different fabric, such as leather or velvet.


A factor that helps keep the closet organized is that it is custom made. And, in fact, this process has many advantages, in the sense that all the corners are thought out and organized according to an intention that should meet your needs. It is different designing a closet for a couple, for someone living alone, or for a child.

There are also some rules to be followed when talking about depth and height of the compartments of a closet. The depth, for example, must meet a measurement of 60 cm. If the closet has no doors, this measurement can vary between 55 and 60 cm. When it comes to heights, again, if you wear more dresses, you should take this into account and organize a closet with taller spaces. These are small details that should be thought about, and are an added value in the process of developing your closet. Another point is angled shelves for shoes and cubbyholes for accessories.


There are small touches that will make this space special, such as back lighting for the shelves and cabinets.

A 100% wool carpet is an ideal option, as it is comfortable and allows you to walk barefoot. Carpets could be in pastel or neutral tones, as they reflect light upward, giving the closet a bright and fresh appearance. A wooden floor also conveys a warm feeling, yet don’t rule out the use of thick rugs.


It is good to include a dressing table, a full-length mirror, and a versatile bench. If there is space, it is a good idea to add a small sofa or a chaise longue. Mixing some new pieces with older ones can also create a quirky style. If you have large screens, you should use them to create a cozier, more intimate feel. If the space is small, it is essential to make use of every square meter. Here you should invest in high shelves and take full advantage of niches or sitting areas.

Once again, dare, create, and go wild!