7 key pieces for a distinctive room


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

I’m going to suggest here some elements that make me smile whenever I see them in a room … they really make the difference. Filipa Namora’s tips
We all idealize having a model room, but we don’t always manage to set up this scenario on a real plan.

From the many things I see in my day to day, especially in my work, it is noticeable that comfort is the watchword for this room. Everyone loves that comfortable image based on timeless refinement.

I will suggest here some elements that make me smile whenever I see them in a room … they really make a difference! From larger pieces to smaller ones, after all it is in the details that uniqueness lies.

We start with the lighting. I think I may have already said it around here, but this element is, for me, the most important in any space. Light dresses a space. There is no point in having a room with a bolder wall or ceiling color if the light that falls on it is not favorable and comfortable. Regardless, a good lamp is a great calling card. There are countless that I could suggest, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a Taccia from the Flos brand and probably, if you’re paying a little attention to luxury homes, even even in movies, it’s almost a must-have.

Smaller objects, but that score for sophistication, are the famous Jonathan Adler pieces, which you can find for sale online and in some physical stores. They are authentic decorative pieces, associated with an informal luxury, and some are also candles, with a super distinct and wonderful scent for our homes.

Who doesn’t like a canvas in a room? Personally, I LOVE very large canvases. They respond super well to filling the walls and, in fact, are accessories that complete and bring a lot of life to any space. Here we have several options for various tastes.

Another element that goes hand in hand with refinement and good energies are cacti. Big ones, aren’t they? You’ve already noticed that, around here, scale is life.

Decorative books are a must. The most important thing is that they are beautiful and that they tell you something. In this sense, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, I don’t know… lots of brands bet big on this aspect. Those who have seen them know the impact that one has in the center of a table. I can say that in all my house projects this is a must-have item.

Well… continuing, the next suggestion is this chair. You will probably recognize it from Kim Kardashian’s famous house. Originally designed by Pierre Jeanneret, this chair is a true piece of art.

Coffee tables are also important. Stone, mirrored, or matte wood tops work superbly well and always give a noble look. In case you have space, bet on having several tables with different heights and shapes.

At last! More important than these suggestions, is to stop and reflect on the great lesson that the world and life are giving us. It’s time to unite and together fight this powerful force that wants to get us!