Ideas to rock your Christmas table


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

Christmas is a special celebration, which in general means a time of togetherness, of family. The preparations for this season and especially for Christmas Eve are always prepared in a more careful and special way. From the ambient music to the table, all the elements deserve a different attention, because this is a magical night. I leave here some suggestions to help in this process.

Usually colors like red, gold, and green are safe and traditional. If you want to do something different, colors like blue, white, browns and pastel shades are also valid. Checkerboard is also a very Christmassy and often overlooked pattern. If you prefer a more simplistic setting, I guarantee that if you bet on white you will also make an excellent.

There are two accessories that I never do without when decorating a table. Candles and flowers. Flowers are a natural element that go with any situation. Whether the table is simple or elaborate, informal or formal, this item will always make a difference. It is important not to forget that they should always be placed in the center of the table, without ever becoming an impediment for people to see each other and comfortably speak. Interestingly, one leaf that is now being overused is eucalyptus leaves. They have a rough and disheveled look, but they have managed to gain a prominent place when it comes to floral arrangements.

Candles, another cozy accent, always refer to warm and comfortable environments. And these can have various shades, combined with personal taste or with the rest of the decoration.

Other important elements are the candlesticks, especially for those who prefer a more sophisticated image.

Towels and tableware
Curiously, towels are close to being part of prehistory. More and more this piece has been discarded. Even in restaurants, this has been happening. Still, for those who are more resistant, I recommend plain towels or towels with discreet embroidery. If you prefer to get into this new “no towel” trend, but want to have some accents under the plates, I remind you that individuables are an excellent alternative. And, especially in this season, wood is always welcome. Why not use some circular bases made from tree trunks? Sounds like a good idea?

Dishes are also traditionally always white. However, if they are in dark gray tones, I guarantee it will be a good solution, which will not go unnoticed by any guest.

Well, although it is still a bit early to wish you a Merry Christmas, I hope these tips are helpful.