At what point in the project should an Interior Design team be approached?


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The process of a work is, without a doubt, an exercise that raises many questions to the clients. It is also a period of time that translates into a set of uncertainties, especially when it comes to the articulation of several specialties inherent to the development of a project.
I often notice some hesitation about the best time for an interiors team to enter a project and, first of all, I want to start by underlining that each office has its own way of working. I know colleagues who prefer to enter the process when everything is done, and then there are people, like me, who prefer to enter the process when the walls start to be put up.

Personally, I think that designing environments goes much further than simply putting up chairs, tables and a sofa. In fact, it can be a much more complex exercise than it seems. I remind you that sometimes the most important things are imperceptible at first sight, and that everything must obey an intention. A justified and strong intention.

Let me give you an example: for me it is crucial that the lighting is thought in favor, not only of each room of a house (and I mean a house as a mere example), but also of each activity performed in that room. When working on the lighting, the air conditioning system must be questioned and considered, because if there are ducts above the false ceilings, it is necessary to understand whether or not it can interfere with the intended purpose. Still about the false ceilings, it is important to take into account if there are going to be curtains, blackouts, or not at all. In addition, all the electrics will be thought out and placed specifically where you want them. Nevertheless, it also allows you to test various shades for walls and ceilings, since every space is a space.

It’s funny, you know? Sometimes I feel like I live in a world apart, but the reality is that I feel like the spaces speak to me. The way natural light manipulates it and at the same time transforms it, its smell and its location… these are all elements that make each one a different and distinct space. And it is this that must, in the end, take shape and be worked on to meet a specific need of the client.

Houses are not offices and offices are not restaurants, but there is one element that should be a rule and always be present – Comfort – that is, the ability to feel good and comfortable in a given space.

Well, by now you probably think that I need some kind of accompaniment, so let’s get back to the subject.

It may also be too early, some may think, to call an interior design team at the stage when the project is being developed by specialties such as architecture, structures, etc, etc…, that is, when the construction has not even started.

It is important that each specialty has its own space and time to work and think about its intention.

I recommend that, before approaching an interior design specialist, you make a list of your needs and daily routines: if you intend to have a large table to receive a dozen friends; if you have meals in the kitchen, if you like to read, among many other suggestions.

Remember that the advantage of being here working for you is that we create and think in a completely personalized space. And, above all, have fun. This is a moment that for many corresponds to the development of a dream, so trust and let yourself be carried away by a world of creatives who were born to create and make your dreams a reality.