Boho Style! Who can resist? Tips for nothing to miss


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

This is probably one of the most appreciated interior styles, not only for its fancy and visually comfortable side, but also because it is more affordable. It is a stripped-down, seemingly random style, the result of an image that fuses diverse cultures, patterns, textures, and colors

I leave here some suggestions of the highlights of this latest wave of vibrant colors:

Wall colors

Although boho style is apparently very laid-back, there are rules, particularly when it comes to materials and colors.

Those who frequently read my articles have already realized that on certain points I am not very flexible. The color of walls and ceilings is one of them. Personally, the image of having white ceilings and woodwork and colored walls is associated with more and more one-off exercises. As a rule, I put walls, woodwork and ceilings in the same paint. I understand that this is apparently questioned, but in practice it results in a much more balanced and uniform environment.

Boho Style! Who can resist? Tips for nothing to miss
In this particular case, boho style is directly linked to vibrant colors, always making the most of energy. Colors create ambience! However, and this is a very important tip, avoid shades that are too bold. It’s your home! Everything you face in your daily life is enough confusion. By the time you get home, I imagine you’re looking to relax and enjoy maximum comfort.

Dry, neutral tones will always be feasible and safe, as will white. Wallpapers can also be an option, but be aware of patterns. Usually, if they are too full, you run the risk of becoming saturated in the short term.

Patterns and textures

Boho is not only a fusion between various styles, but also a mix of creativity, color variety, cheerfulness, and of course a final touch of timelessness.

This is probably the coolest and most enjoyable point. The mix of patterns, colors and fabrics should be bold. Personally, I love combining a camel leather sofa with a Persian patterned rug. However, the combinations are endless.

Pillows with pom-poms, blankets, rugs, and crochet … there are no limits. This mixture generates an exotic atmosphere reminiscent of hippie style and the 70s.

Decorative accessories

I am all for freedom in decorating, however, this is far from meaning random and impulsive buying. A while ago I read an article that suggested “buy everything. In the end it will work out” NO! That’s not how it works. Not only do you end up spending more money, but the piece may not be “the one”. You have to know how to choose.

Antique accessories combined with modern elements, even if they don’t seem to fit individually in the decoration, when put together, allow you to achieve an unexpected result and, consequently, a very creative environment.

The mixture of influences makes the environment accommodate various accessories. You can combine hippie elements, pillows, rustic pieces, vases, bags, ethnic products, with Indian fabrics and colors, many colors.

The tip to create harmony in an environment so full of elements is to create a color map before starting to buy or reuse the furniture and decorative objects.

Enjoy! This is the time to display your travel crafts, your purchases, and your exoteric items. Boho is a style that allows you to tell your story through your decor.


Large and comfortable sofas that do not have rigid shapes and have rounded forms, colorful fabrics, and pouffes, furniture that also help characterize this style.

Ideal to be combined with other furniture, the pouffes are very comfortable seats and usually bring, in a soft way, balance to the environment.

The Boho style encourages the reuse of antique furniture, sideboards, bookshelves, tables, and chairs, which give a rustic appearance.