Children’s rooms: useful tips and ideas


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The most important thing for me in a child’s room is that it can keep up with the growth of the child for as long as possible. It is a reality that they grow up very fast and it can quickly become outdated.

This is a curious topic…. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like challenges. As I mention, several times, that’s what drives me! Little or nothing scares me, but kids’ rooms is a subject that intimidates me to say the least. First, I find these little ones to be a very transparent and immediately responsive type of “customer”. It’s all simple. They either love it or they just don’t like it. It’s kind of funny, but I assume it’s a moment that leaves me with my heart in my hands! I imagine that whoever is reading this must be laughing, but believe me, I am doing exactly the same thing as I write, and I couldn’t be being more honest.

In the course of creating a house I spend a lot of time drawing details of every room, but none of that compares to meeting the expectations of a child. It’s important to me that they love the project today and in three months they’re still vibrating. I find it superb, as has happened, for parents to comment to me that their daughter has already told the whole school how her room was going to be.

Well… but let’s skip that, because really my dramas/recipes here don’t matter at all.

The most important thing to me about a child’s room is that it can keep up with the child for the longest period of time. It is a reality that they grow up very fast and quickly this one can become outdated. I don’t feel comfortable thinking and designing a room type that responds to a five-year period. In this sense, I always develop a little childlike layout, leaving the secret at the bottom. This way, as they get older it is always easy to adapt, replacing elements such as bedding, lampshades and decorative accessories. Timelessness is perhaps the watchword within this theme.

Thus, when it comes to the shades of the rooms, I always opt for neutral colors, in order to offer a cozy and comfortable environment. Remember that this is a place not only for resting, but where they will spend a lot of time.

Another very important issue is its organization. Basically, it is a room where they play, study, sleep, and even get dressed. Linked to this, we have the type of lighting it should have. It is important to consider ceiling lighting, however, the presence of floor lamps or table lamps offer a lower light, therefore more comfortable.

One of my must-haves for any child’s room are large rugs, and I think the reasons are obvious. Here I like to take chances! Colors and patterns are valid, and kids usually always find it very funny, especially when they are personalized with a motif they love.

Many clients ask me about the use of wallpapers. Well… actually the range of offerings is endless, but I suggest choosing a light and not too striking pattern.

More suggestions could be given, but how about continuing this topic in another article? Always think that creating is a never-ending process!