Dark spaces are here to stay in fashion


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

Dark spaces have gained a prominent place all over the world. In fact, they convey a noble image, imprint warmth, and denote boldness.

Many are those who love the traditional light ambience, perhaps because it is a safe, timeless choice that actually gives freedom to be bolder in accessories and accents. However, in the course of all the travels I have been doing, I have been realizing more and more that dark environments have conquered a prominent place all over the world. Indeed, they lend a noble image, imprint warmth, and denote boldness. As far as the interior design of a dwelling is concerned, one of the spaces where this line has been betting the most is in kitchens, where more and more dark tones are combined with stone and wood.

In living rooms, for example, if you are a fan of dark environments, avoid the use of black, especially in sofas and carpets, because they are elements with a large dimension and proportion. I suggest gray or earth tones that combined with stone or wood, such as smoked eucalyptus, convey a very sophisticated image, especially if it is without glare. I remind you that a living room is, above all, a space that should soothe and calm you from the frenzy of everyday life, in other words, make you feel good.

One type of service where I have seen more and more use of dark environments is in catering, especially, when they want to reach a high range. They uninhibit. They are comfortable, they impart luxury and refinement. They also invite us to enjoy another drink and to relax. Another important point is that the darker the image of such spaces, the more the service will stand out, especially when it comes to photos for social networks.

This issue has actually been a major factor in the development and creation of projects.

In Portugal, a new concept that has been introduced recently in this sense, being undoubtedly bolder, is in the context of gyms, thought in a more fancy and cool way. This works especially for social networks, where darker backgrounds and materials make up increasingly appealing images, and the use of black is no longer taboo.

Regardless of whether it is a fad or not, environments with lower tones also provide a sense of depth. As a result, they will always be more comfortable spaces that emotionally relax us. You see, it is no accident that reality television shows have strong colors on the walls or in the furniture. Have you ever thought about the reason for this choice? Colors arouse sensations. They either calm us down or irritate us.

However, we must not forget that lighting is a crucial element when it comes to creating these spaces. Light reveals shapes, highlights colors, and creates scenery. Indirect lighting should be abolished.

And here I leave you with a small suggestion: “When everyone is a promise, be attitude! “. No fear. You will not regret it.