Ideas to warm up the house in this cold weather


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

An inviting, warm and cozy environment is the best thing in the world, so I’m going to leave here some suggestions for all the shivery people, or for those who are simply looking to warm up their home environment
This is probably the item I write the easiest, since I am actually a shivery person. Perhaps the coldest of all! Proof of this is that I have a boyfriend who is always complaining to me about the cold. Anyway… dramas aside, the result of this cold that freezes me for hours on end, for endless days, is to work the spaces I develop in a “warm” way. It’s funny how many times I use this expression with my clients. I want everything warm, from colors, fabrics, and of course warm lighting is LIFE!

An inviting, warm and cozy environment is the best thing in the world, so I will leave here some suggestions for all those who are chilly, or for those who are simply looking to warm up the environment of their home.

This point is pretty obvious. Who doesn’t love to curl up on the sofa with a blanket? It is one of the elements that is most quickly associated with coziness, and yet its pattern can visually enrich a room. Extremely versatile, blankets are made of many different materials, colors, patterns, and can be used in countless ways. They can be used as covers, they can hide imperfections, serve as a small blanket on cold days, but also create a different visual perception of the size of the piece, balancing the overall composition. There is no rule in their use, so use and abuse of blankets!

Candles are romantic, perfect to respond to more down scenarios and placed in corners or even on side tables provide a more glamorous, fancy and cozy air. If you like environments with light points of light, candles can be an excellent option. They can be used to illuminate as well as decorate your home, and they also add that romantic touch. And the best part is that they are easy to access and low cost! It is not only dinner that can be done by candlelight. Why not also enjoy a good afternoon coffee with the romanticism of candles on the table? To complement this, you can also opt for aromatic candles that convey calm.

Plants are an asset to any space, for any occasion. Their sometimes intense, charged colors easily fill an environment. You know those big hotels with high ceilings and super-wide spaces? What always works, in this kind of exercise, to fill the space is to load it with flowers. It is an imminent invitation to enter and feel embraced by an atmosphere full of smells, emotions, and freshness.


Wood, as a material, is one of the visual elements that warm us the most. Its use either in flooring, furniture or accessories always ensures a warm image. Wood is passion, it’s warmth! It is cozy, sophisticated, practical, durable, and versatile, giving a special touch to any environment. With so many options on how to use it, one must be careful not to get lost in so many possibilities! It’s no wonder that using wood in decoration is one of the most traditional resources, which adapts to the passage of time, becoming a timeless element.

I hope I’ve helped you! A good year to you all – I hear that 2020 is THE YEAR!