It’s summer! Dress your house with the new trends


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

Summer brings us warmth, energy, and good mood. Besides calling for light and fresh clothes, this season invites us to look for and wear refreshing trends. Today we will give you some decorating and styling tips for your summer home
Summer colors
Pastel shades are perfect for different combinations and result in light environments, which makes the space more spacious and bright. If there is one time of year that urges us to use colorful shades, it is summer, which calls for light and cheerful colors. Although white and beige are safe colors, the use of blue, mint green, mustard yellow, lilac, and pink attract good energies. Bet on these colors in various elements, such as lampshades, furniture, chairs, cushions, pictures (…) eventually a wall in these colors also reinforces the climate of the season.

Use and abuse of plants

Plants are an easy way to add freshness and charm to environments. They bring us closer to nature and give feelings of harmony, balance, and well-being. Cacti and palm trees are an excellent option because, besides giving a luxurious character, they do not need much maintenance.

Citrus plants are also an excellent alternative. They perfume the space and make it refreshing.

Use foliage and flowers in colorful vases and place them on side tables, furniture, or sideboards.


The Bohemian Style is currently one of the most inspiring and followed. Here you can combine a lot of wood, Persian rugs, colorful blankets, and light furniture. Candles, mirrors with assumed frames, and small decorative accessories complete this scenario and confer personality.

For those who have antique furniture, this is the ideal time to use them. Furniture, stools, side tables and beds in wood are pieces that tell stories, loaded with memories, which gives the space a warm, comfortable and symbolic air, able to transport us to other cultures and smells. In essence, it corresponds to a style stripped of rules and relaxing. Embrace objects such as antique suitcases, fabrics with oriental patterns, and transform your home.


It is becoming easier and easier to find lamps in straw. They are light, affordable, and different. Their handcrafted features fill ceilings and tables and eschew gold or silver aluminum, which can be too strong for this style.

However, remember those old chandeliers you used to see in your grandmother’s house? Aren’t they back and full of strength?

Decorative Accessories

This is the final and most important part. It’s time to put the finishing touches! Baskets, besides decorating, are actually quite useful and exist in various shapes and colors. Bet on trunks, poufs, and pillows. Even if they are in the same color they are always a sign of comfort. Large tables are a
Large side tables for books, trays, and candles also appeal to familiar and warm environments.