Natural environments: A trend or a way to integrate with nature?


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

It is important to realize that trends come and go, it is a circular thing, and this means that it is essential that spaces have our face, it is not enough to be in the spotlight.

In an era where more and more themes like sustainability and the use of natural materials are becoming relevant, it seems important to me to understand if this continues to respond to a trend, or if, on the other hand, it goes beyond, and is a way to connect and integrate ourselves into nature using materials like straw, wood, rattan, stone, bamboo, sisal, linen… all of them in their natural state.

The countless options for using these materials range from wall coverings, ceilings, partitions, and can even reach door coverings. Basically, they are general elements that compose environments. However, when it comes to decorating, we again have a panoply of options ranging from: side tables, dining tables, stools, benches, beds, lighting, armchairs, and decorative objects. This style has become transversal and easily integrated even in other styles, whether they are more or less refined, more or less minimalist. It is characterized by its strong personality, with a handcrafted identity that has increasingly become desirable and attractive, both for its simplicity and for its connection with nature.

Along with this, and to further underline this trend, plants are used that not only create some chromatic contrast, but also convey a sense of tranquility. The use of wallpaper is also very valid, in the sense that it provides more texture to the environment, as well as carpets, where we can get that touch of nature.

It’s important to realize that trends come and go, it’s a circular thing, and this means that it’s essential for spaces to have our face, it’s not enough for them to be trendy. It is necessary that they speak about us, define us! Whether it’s the colors, the type of furniture, or the style. It is vital to feel comfortable and invited to enjoy our home, and in this sense we must assume this communion between materials and nature.