Apartment RC

Porto, Portugal

The challenge of this interior design project was to transform this environment into a light and relaxed atmosphere. Given the dimensions and positioning of each of the areas, the profitability of the space was essential, never neglecting the elegance and detail of the selected pieces.

The ability to read the house as a whole makes this exercise age well, with timeless furniture and soft lighting fixtures. In the sleeping area we have sobriety and comfort as it is due, to achieve a sensory environment we opted for sober and delicate colors, accompanying the environment with light fixtures of choice.


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First of all, the designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. The entire area of ​​the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. In the first part, there is a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests.