House IL

Açores, Portugal

A housing with an unusual ambition, where the interior design project had to follow the projected architectural grandiosity. With an aesthetic sense and idealization of unusual environments, the choice of pieces followed the path of making each environment a unique space, where the connection between them can be found in various shades, despite the unique details that each piece presents.

The result is a true treatise to design, where iconic pieces coexist among themselves, in a dwelling that will last in time.


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First of all, the designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. The entire area of ​​the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. In the first part, there is a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests.