Kanji Garden & Bar

Guimarães, Portugal

A unique space for unique people.

The motto for the creation of a restaurant space was given, where its identity would have to go beyond its graphic content, where the design of the space would also be part of a unique communication. Captivate enthusiasts of the sake concept, attracting through the minimalist image, without ever losing the artistic elegance that decoration and interior design add.

We create an environment that starts on the palate and ends in energy, motivated by particular characteristics and symbolic meanings of its decoration, where the traditional combines with the modern, the classic with the bold. A unique and authentic space that raises the gastronomic experience to another level.

A moment of pause, of deep breathing, of taking time to have time. KANJI GARDEN is a place to relax and enjoy nature, but it is also bohemian, electrifying, and fun.

Neon, lights, reds and contrasts… This is Tokyo, young and modern. That is this bar, the ideal place to chat while enjoying the taste of mastery.

KANJI RESTAURANT is the place to celebrate elegance!


We are always looking for interesting projects.

First of all, the designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. The entire area of ​​the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. In the first part, there is a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests.