Maria Marcelino – Norteshopping

Porto, Portugal

In this interior design challenge, color was our greatest ally, making the space differentiating from the others that surround it, while still maintaining an incredible visual comfort.

The way the circulation inside the store is proposed, allows each intervenient to analyze the entire collection present, where the mirrors, together with the technical lighting studied for the space, appear during the process as a way to completely open a space that would not be, at first sight, visually so generous, always focusing on the most important, the clothes and their colors.


We are always looking for interesting projects.

First of all, the designers had to re-plan the accommodation and dismantle several walls to visually expand the space of 343 square meters and let more natural light in. The entire area of ​​the apartment can be conditionally divided into two separate spaces: common areas and a master zone. In the first part, there is a combined kitchen and living room, which also consists of two sub-zones: a lounge area opposite the fireplace and an area for receiving guests.