Small and modern bathrooms


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The architect and interior designer Filipa Namora leaves here some suggestions that, besides being a little different from the most common, also depart from the traditional white image

Most houses, nowadays, end up having bathrooms with quite reduced areas for the normal needs of any person who lives in a house. Nevertheless, when it comes time to refresh this space, there is always some concern about how to achieve an interesting environment.

Today we are going to leave here some suggestions that are not only a little different from what you end up seeing, but also depart from the traditional white image. The truth is that the world involving materials for sanitary facilities has taken giant steps, and nowadays there are many solutions found to give a differentiated and modern response. The fact that toilets exist in several colors and with various finishes, from polished to matte, opens many doors. The lighting, whether ceiling or wall mounted, has become as valid as the fact that we have large ceramic pieces that perfectly imitate the various marbles on the market. And suddenly anything goes! We can have wallpapers, we can use mirrors in large dimensions and various shapes, integrated sinks, wall-mounted, ceiling or wall showers. Curiously, what has not been worth so much is the integration of bidets. Eliminating or replacing this piece with a hygienic shower allows for greater space optimization.