Sofas: How to choose the ideal format?


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The reasons for the flexibility of this piece are immense and all of them valid; the image that the sofa only serves to watch TV is completely distorted and outdated
Choosing the best sofa for our home is not always an easy challenge, either because of the plethora of solutions that currently exist and that we get to know, but also because each space must be thought of in an individual and personalized way.

The truth is that, increasingly, this piece is a transversal and multifaceted element, capable of responding to several and different activities. Now we can watch TV, sitting or even lying down – chaise -, or even a part of the sofa can be oriented to an outside view, while we read a book, to the dining table, in order to promote communication and conviviality. The reasons for the flexibility of this piece are immense and all of them valid; the image that the sofa only serves to watch the TV is completely distorted and outdated.

Factors such as usable area, comfort, and purpose now become watchwords, as well as the details that may or may not constitute it. I am referring to tables, arms, larger or smaller cushions. They may seem like aesthetic details, but they are big and important answers to functional and practical use.

For example, we have a small living room, but we love the comfort of a sofa with a chaise longue. How are we going to solve this, if a piece like this might be too big for the room? Perhaps a sofa of a more traditional design and a pouf (even assumed in a different fabric and pattern) can provide support for those who want to put their legs down, as it can also take on a coffee table character.

Another reality, which I have been seeing more and more, is the choice of sofas with lower backs. Visually there is no doubt that it is a different style, more minimalist and very interesting; however, I place some question marks on its comfort, since it does not guarantee support for my head area. It is a piece that also needs room to breathe and an environment that integrates the same concept. Larger pillows can be useful and help.

The opposite is also often the case, we have a large room where the placement of several sofas can lead to a scenario identical to a sofa showroom. And in this case, variety can be the answer. Variety of sofas, variety of activities.

We can place a sofa, considered a “fireplace” sofa; a second one with a desk support; a third one for socializing and watching TV, and even a fourth one to enjoy a movie zone or a drink. The answers are endless, and so is creativity.

There are still sofa beds, however, in this area we have a motto! A sofa bed will never be a big sofa or a big bed.

For many people, the sofa is one of the most used elements in the home, so it is necessary to understand the best routines and needs. Are light colors a good option? It depends! If you have three children it may not be, yet, if you really prefer a lighter shade opt for a more blended fabric and stay away from velvets and all that are smooth, where the tiniest stain will be noticeable from afar. For large families, waterproofing is a process I strongly recommend. Remember, ensuring durability is also a good way to save money.

Another issue is, if you are thinking about buying a sofa, without the help of a specialist, you should measure your room very well and study the infinite alternatives, especially in aerial format. It is completely different to think about the best solution in plan view.

So… are you ready to choose the best sofa?