Suggestions for a double bedroom with a small footprint


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

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In small rooms, the idea is to be able to move around freely, without obstacles, and to provide elegant decor and practical storage as if it were a large room.
big room. Filipa Namora’s tips
Do you have a double room to decorate? Don’t know how to organize it, or what to do to make it functional and light? By following some practical tips and with common sense, it is possible to optimize your space to the maximum, while enjoying a pleasant and comfortable environment.

The choice of furniture, colors, and materials must be thought through with some care.

So get ready for some great bedroom decorating ideas thanks to impeccable interior design!

A small, well-lit bedroom is a space that looks visually larger. For a small bedroom, it is important to have nice light to balance the space. Make sure you choose the right wattage of lamps, especially if you don’t have enough natural light.

Ideally, choose two bedside lamps, to be placed on either side of the bed. Avoid the typical ceiling lamp in the center of the bed lamp. Contrary to popular belief, it cuts off the room, reduces comfort and sense of space.

To be able to develop a small bedroom, the choice of furniture is important. It is out of the question, for example, to bet on a 200cm wide bed if the size of the room is not adapted. The same goes for the bedside tables that must match the total volume of the room. One must be consistent! A good solution for the bedside tables is to have them mirrored. It will already be a highlight reflecting some light.

If the furniture is a visually strong piece it is likely to look disproportionate in comparison to the room. Think about this when shopping for furniture.

Measure all the angles of the room correctly, point it out, and take those notes to the store so they can help and guide you in the right direction!

In this type of exercise it is necessary to soften the image of the room as much as possible. Don’t accumulate objects that could confuse the space. Sort through them regularly and keep only what you need, like and want.

On the other hand, storage is a priority in a small room: baskets, hangers, decorative boxes…

In small rooms, the idea is to be able to move freely, without obstacles, and to provide elegant decoration and practical storage, as if it were a large room!

Double bed with drawers, bed with storage, small bedside table, very narrow dresser, multifunctional furniture: your room should have only the essentials. To save space in the bedroom, to sleep well and gain serenity, there is no secret: this room should not be overcrowded.

To visually enlarge a small room, you have to bet on the right colors, especially on the walls. Thus, you should bet on neutral colors, such as white, beige, or a very light gray or a cafe au lait. These light tones are the first solution to visually expand a space, to create a cozy room and not a “laboratory”, in a space where rest and well-being should prevail. Choose stronger colors for decorative accessories, such as bedding or carpet.

One of the tricks most used by designers in this type of rooms is always the use of mirrors. If you can line entire walls with mirror, either bronze or even gray, you will even think you have entered a giant room with such a difference this element will make.

We know that there is not always time to properly dedicate to a decoration project and more when we talk about ambiguous and delicate spaces, such as a small bedroom. In this sense, there is nothing better than turning to professional help. If this is your path, don’t hesitate and look for someone who can turn your small room into a dream place! This way you have no worries, no headaches, and you don’t waste any time.

All you have to do is share your wishes, tastes and desires, as well as the available budget. It is important to have consistency between these criteria, because you can’t ask for the sky if your budget is small!