These wicker chairs will add a casual and pleasant ambiance to your home

Filipa Namora rounds up the 9 most stylish choices on the market for those who want to add a little casual vibe to their home with wicker chairs In keeping with the 1970s bohemian vibe that has been infiltrating home decor lately, wicker and rattan furniture are back – well, actually, they have arrived and […]

Tips and inspirations to decorate a baby’s room

The arrival of a baby is always a moment of great anxiety and, at the same time, carries many doubts and concerns, especially when it is the first. Within these question marks, one that usually stands out is the decoration of his or her room. This new corner deserves to mirror a magical universe, allied […]

How to get the ideal work space at home

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to separate the leisure space, from the work space – so that there is no confusion between home and work life Working at home has become a reality for many people, and, homes that were never thought of and organized to have work spaces, […]

Solutions to make the most of your balcony

Architect and interior designer Filipa Namora leaves here some suggestions to make the most of this very special space For those who live in apartments, balconies are the closest environments to an exterior space that one can have. This area, in particular, allows not only the entrance of natural light but also access to the […]

Natural environments: A trend or a way to integrate with nature?

It is important to realize that trends come and go, it is a circular thing, and this means that it is essential that spaces have our face, it is not enough to be in the spotlight. In an era where more and more themes like sustainability and the use of natural materials are becoming relevant, […]

Small and modern bathrooms

The architect and interior designer Filipa Namora leaves here some suggestions that, besides being a little different from the most common, also depart from the traditional white image Most houses, nowadays, end up having bathrooms with quite reduced areas for the normal needs of any person who lives in a house. Nevertheless, when it comes […]

How to choose the right color for your home interior

At first and across the board, there is usually a great tendency to choose white. However, my opinion about this color is not so favorable since it turns out to be cold and without personality. It is the antithesis of everything a home should carry. Choosing the color of our home is not as easy […]

To use or not to use wallpaper?

My best friend is called Wallpaper. The body that this material adds to environments is indescribable. Luxurious. Sophisticated. It’s life! This could be one of the topics that a few years ago, I dared to say I would not write about, or, if I ever did, I would clearly not be in favor of using […]

Why does your brain love high ceilings?

A few years ago, marketing studies were revealed in which they questioned whether ceiling height had any impact on the way a person thinks One of the first things, which a real estate developer will point out to a potential home buyer, is quite possibly, when it exists, a high ceiling height. This is actually […]

Open plan living room and kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

Ultimately, what matters is that the kitchen and dining (and/or living) room become one space, eliminating possible barriers Do you like the open space image? Is your kitchen or living room small? Do you imagine doing open space, but have doubts? In my opinion, this solution responds mainly to the dynamic that has been observed, […]