The anguish of a creative


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO


Creating is an ambivalent term – is it something innate or something that is exercised?
Regardless of how one views creativity, no one can refute the idea that to create is to dare, to escape from stereotypical and conventional parameters. It’s being a child again, not being afraid to take risks, and realizing that everything can be seen as a game, where we take from the real world and transform it. Pablo Picasso already said that all children are born artists. “The problem is to remain an artist after growing up,” said the painter. To think new things requires asking new questions.

Every creative act brings together knowledge, skill and attitude.

“The people who win in this world are those who seek the circumstances they need, and when they cannot find them, they create them.” Bernard Shaw.

I believe there is a relationship between art and creativity. And here, entering the world of passion for what one does, we find, within ourselves, true labyrinths, populated by the anguish of who becomes different or thinks different. Tearing up, breaking away from models and clichés is risky and creates conflicting states of mind. Do I go forward? Do I jump in? Do I let my passion and creation die or dare to show it to the world?

It is so beautiful to see someone doing what they really love. It is a luxury too. A love that unconsciously is visible to anyone, translated in our look or in the way we talk or work.

It’s a passion that at some moments is like an ocean full of certainties, at others a handful of nothing. It is a breathless race sometimes full of strength, loaded with certainties, pride, but it is also pain. Deep anguish. Where passion seems not to be enough and leads us to feel a bad feeling with our own self. It’s inevitable, and I think every creative person goes through this. But aren’t we like that every time we truly love something?

I really believe that one of the reasons we exist is to make our mark with what we are happy to do, and one of the conditions for that is to be done with love, with soul!

I mean that which is done with pleasure, even when we are tired. That which is done without making excuses, without hours or scheduled days.

Doing what we love gives us the certainty of being on the right path in this life, and this gives us a feeling of belonging. We feel part of the universe. In our comfort zone. Even if this entails so many other not so good things.

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. It makes sense insofar as, in order to discover a problem and solve it in the best possible way, we need to see it. If we accept reality as it is, we will hardly theorize about how it could be different or better.

Many times I feel tired, disillusioned, and misunderstood, and then I evoke Camões who, with his voice “fearless and enraged” for “singing to deaf and hardened people”, didn’t understand why our society doesn’t value and accompany the creative spirit and art.

The anguish in me is born, not only from having in me a multiple being (just like Fernando Pessoa), but also from the lack of sensitivity of others to recognize and want to make a difference.

If you ask me what is my motto in life, I will answer that, even with all the conditions, I will always fight for my ideals. Daring and creating.