These wicker chairs will add a casual and pleasant ambiance to your home


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora rounds up the 9 most stylish choices on the market for those who want to add a little casual vibe to their home with wicker chairs

In keeping with the 1970s bohemian vibe that has been infiltrating home decor lately, wicker and rattan furniture are back – well, actually, they have arrived and taken over as a trend that is clearly here to stay. If in your head wicker furniture refers to outdated and ordinary outdoor pieces that you wouldn’t imagine taking interest in again, this is a sign that you need to quickly get up to speed and give it a second chance to get to know everything on the market.

This is a mega trend that has supported several offices in the development and design of spaces, from restaurants, hotels, private villas… Interestingly one of the great advantages in their use is that they not only combine super well with other styles, from the most boho to the most modern or classic, but also these textured and aerodynamic volumes, guarantee a casual-cool vibe that adapts perfectly to indoor spaces (yes, indoor).

The fact that they are, as a rule, also more affordable and at the same time made of natural materials clearly guarantees a big plus. One of my favorite pieces are chairs-dining chairs, armchairs, armchairs, the solutions are immense and make any space look full of style and personality. If you want to add some of this laid-back vibe to your space with a super attractive wicker chair, we’ve rounded up the 9 most stylish choices on the market.