Tips and inspirations to decorate a baby’s room


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The arrival of a baby is always a moment of great anxiety and, at the same time, carries many doubts and concerns, especially when it is the first. Within these question marks, one that usually stands out is the decoration of his or her room. This new corner deserves to mirror a magical universe, allied to a calm and relaxing atmosphere of well-being; as such, it is necessary to understand which style you prefer, because, in fact, they can be immense. There are those who prefer a more classic register, and others will opt for the boho style, which has been gaining fervent supporters; still, for those more resistant to “adventures”, we can stick to the modern and minimalist, which has the great advantage of possibly adapting to the register of the house.

The classic style stands out for a type of furniture associated with a more traditional, timeless, and elegant image that never goes out of fashion. Generally, it is based on sober colors, lacquered in light or neutral tones, cozier and warmer, and the use of friezes on the walls, which organize different areas. These friezes may be in a different or even shade from the wall, in order to create a more homogeneous environment.

This style has captured a lot of attention and has become very popular: it is relaxed, captivating, and cozy. It is associated with the use of natural materials, such as wood, sisal, and bamboo, and can be linked to several styles: warm neutrals, white, and even more ethnic. One of the secrets has been the use of several and different textures. The wallpapers also end up taking on warmer tones.

Modern and minimalist
The modern style uses furniture with simple, straight lines, without much concern for ornamentation, following the idea that “less is more”. The main focus is to respond to a practical and functional organization. It is common to find here sober colors, as well as wallpapers, which can resort to “more geometric” shapes.


Most parents like to approach their children’s room with themes that can vary a lot, and this choice depends solely on each one’s taste. Here, if it’s for a boy you can choose dinosaurs, planets or, if it’s for girls, take on themes such as ballerinas, Disney princesses, fairies, gardens, among many others, without, however, overloading the room with thematic elements, so that this space remains light.