Tips for creating a modern nursery


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

More and more, children’s bedrooms are associated with fairy tales or intergalactic spaces. Let’s be honest, there are few rooms that escape the cliché of a theme.

What I mean to say is that it is possible to create modern and timeless environments from an early age. Basically, spaces that can be molded to any age of a child or teenager.

Nowadays, we often see a scenario composed of three distinct phases. The first, when the kids are born, then from the age of 6, and finally when they enter adolescence. In this period, the boys are too “manly” to have such a childish room and they, on the other hand, too mature for such a barbie-laden room.

Why not develop a new register, a new space?

Hanging Furniture
One of the biggest challenges today is the size of the bedroom. Since bedrooms are as a rule getting smaller and smaller, one of the tips I leave is to replace the bed sommier with a glass or acrylic structure. This way, the bed will give the illusion of being suspended. This intention can also be applied to the bedside tables and other furniture in the room. Naturally you will gain more amplitude and leave room to play with a more playful rug, without, however, losing a fancy image.

Round bed
If the room is more spacious, one of the possible solutions is a round bed. If you have daughters, I guarantee this is a tip they will love and spread all over their school and friends. Being a girl and having in hand which fabric to choose, I advise the use of sandy white tones. This type of bed goes well with a low and high raised rug, even if in the same tone, further enriching the space.

One of the problems, which is posed in this exercise, is the question of the bedside table. There are several options. On the one hand, you can play with a false bottom table, adjustable to the bed itself. On the other, the headboard itself, by being more robust and consistent, can become, perfectly, a support piece for the bed itself.

See the image below for both integrated solutions.


Canopy bed
This type of bed, besides taking us to a dream world, it can be a fun, minimalist and surprising model. Developed with various finishes, from wood, iron, or even, for the more exuberant, mirror, this combines with virtually any type of bedside tables, and can dispense with ceiling lamps, since it is already a very complete element. A table lamp will suffice.

General tips for the bedroom
Obviously, wallpapers are always a good support for creating environments, especially when we have smooth walls and ceilings.

In case you have a stone, concrete, brick, or wood wall, make the most of these elements without hiding them. I assure you that as cold as they may seem visually, they add great comfort to the space, especially when combined with textured fabrics, even if in the same tone.

If you still choose wallpapers, choose them without glitter and preferably with a minimum of drawings and geometric figures. I remind you that these patterns are usually trends that you won’t like in the medium term. So, opt for textured papers, without glitter. Personally, I love those that resemble fabrics.

Exceptional touches
This is where I once again advise the use of color or even more irreverent pieces. Pillows with different patterns and tones are always a good bet. Fun rugs, armchairs, screens, and lampshades should be used without fear. Basically, these small bets are easily changed and quickly give distinct environments.