How to get the ideal work space at home


Filipa Namora, CEO

Filipa Namora, CEO

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to separate the leisure space, from the work space – so that there is no confusion between home and work life

Working at home has become a reality for many people, and, homes that were never thought of and organized to have work spaces, suddenly started contemplating office areas in living rooms or even in dining areas or bedrooms.

If this is the case for anyone reading this, the first thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to separate the leisure space from the work space – so that there is no confusion between domestic and professional life. At the same time, the space you create should be able to positively influence your productivity and mood. The brighter, nicer and more personalized it is the better, so that we can create the possible conditions and be able to do what seems to us as complex as creating the right environment to be able to do something we are not used to, and that is, work at home!

First of all find a space where you can get some privacy. It can be in a bedroom, a corner of the living room, a space without natural light, or even an enclosed balcony. Ideally where there is natural light or near a window, so that it is as pleasant as possible.

If you don’t have much space and only really need a stand for your laptop, you can use a console which, in practice, will require much less space. However, if you can put up a desk and have limited space, you can and should opt for a glass desk. It is important not to give up a comfortable office chair, which is always different from a dining table chair, where after a few hours your body will start to complain.

Placing a rug under the desk area will help not only define the work area, but also make it more comfortable to work on. It can be a small rug, or slightly larger if you have room to frame your desk and chair.

Whether you have lots of light or little natural light, it is always important to use a table lamp that is projected over the work area. It does not need to be a typical desk lamp, as this is a home work environment. It can be a table lamp that you would have on the entry console or on a bedside table.

Place some decorative and symbolic objects in this area that are special, be they pictures, flowers, decorative books. In case you can’t put them on your desk, organize them in a bookshelf area or even on a side table.

Make the most of the walls around you, especially by wallpapering them. If you’re thinking of painting walls, always remember that colors influence the mood. There are colors that stimulate people to relax and that, in a work area, is not what you want.